Trinity Classical Christian Academy desires to come alongside families to help them achieve their academic and personal growth goals by providing a rigorous, systematic, age appropriate humanities education. Our goal is to supplement, not to supplant the nurture and instruction provided to students by their parents.

Our Mission

Trinity Classical Christian Academy exists to advance the kingdom of God through a commitment to excellence in classical education compelled by love for Jesus Christ, profound allegiance to the Holy Scripture, desire for Godly character, and genuine love and concern for one another.

Our Values

  • Christ in all

  • Character in focus

  • Classical in approach

  • Community in practice

Our Guiding Principles

Serve Homeschooling Families

Parents play the crucial role in guiding, directing and overseeing their student’s education. For families who choose to homeschool, Trinity Classical Christian Academy provides a structured, dynamic, and community based classroom environment.

Educate from a Biblical Worldview

We intentionally address the big questions of life. Does God exist? Where did man come from? Why is he here? Is there meaning and direction to history? We approach these and other related questions from a worldview that is distinctively biblical.

We want students to understand that the principal purpose of their life and studies is to know, to love and to glorify God.

Create a Love for Learning

We seek to cultivate a love for learning, inquisitiveness about God and His creation, and a yearning for truth, goodness and beauty. We value wisdom and academic excellence. Our rigorous classical curriculum focuses on teaching a student how to think and is designed to prepare one for life, including college.

Build One Another up in Community

Working together as teachers, parents and students, we foster a sense of community and camaraderie in all we do. We value classroom relationships and interactions. As the school year progresses we desire that those relationships become richer and produce an atmosphere of trust where students freely share ideas, challenge each other, and build one another up.

We develop a strong sense of community among all participating family members by promoting the use of individual gifts and abilities for the good of all, and by gathering together to support each other and to model healthy community interaction for our students.

Communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ

We work to nurture a desire and capacity to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ.

Trinity meets at
Raging River Community Church
31104 SE 86th St, Preston, WA 98050