Middle School

Trinity Middle School is a three year program for students in 6th through 8th grade meeting twice per week.

Marina Su

Marina has been classically homeschooling her children for the last seven years and teaching any chance she gets. She has taught at an elementary co-op, helped at Akoloutheo Academy, and led children’s ministry at church. Before homeschooling, Marina taught middle school language arts for five years and earned her Master of Education in Instructional Technology. It is her joy to help goofy middle schoolers develop into young people that seek truth, beauty, and goodness.

Marina lives in Issaquah with her husband Robert, four children, and a tiny attack dog named Dallas.

Elizabeth Lange

Elizabeth has been involved in classical education as both a teacher and parent for 14 years, and was classically educated herself. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and her Master of Arts in Teaching (K-8). She has since taught in both private classical and public school settings. She especially enjoys the lively curiosity and thoughtfulness that accompanies the dialectic stage and loves to walk alongside students as they explore God’s beautiful world more deeply in middle school.

Elizabeth lives in Enumclaw with her husband Brian, their four sons and a zoo of pets. She also serves on the board of For the Children’s Sake Foundation, an organization which shares God’s love and hope with African orphaned and at-risk children through Christian education and teacher training.

Lauren Schneringer

Lauren has been teaching for the past 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Teaching (K-8). After teaching in the public school system, Lauren began homeschooling her own children. She has taught at a preschool co-op, an elementary co-op, and most recently has been co-teaching middle school science. She loves encouraging students to view themselves, each other, and the world complexly.

Lauren lives in Sammamish with her husband, Troy, her four kids, and a fluffy pup named Ashes McDogface. When not spending time with kids, Lauren enjoys drinking tea, being outside, dogs, cross stitch, and playing board games.

2020-2021 Booklist


  • Holy Bible - Your preferred translation


  • Easy Grammar Plus Student Workbook, ISBN 9780936981147 - Grammar 1 students

  • IEW Fix It Grammar Robin Hood Student Book 2, ISBN 9781623411435 - Grammar 2 students


  • Book of the Ancient World, Memoria Press, ISBN 9781615381111

  • Book of the Ancient Greeks, Memoria Press, ISBN 9781615381128

  • Book of the Ancient Romans, Memoria Press, ISBN 9781615381135


  • Latin Alive! Book 1 Student Edition, ISBN 9781600510540


  • Gilgamesh the Hero, Geraldine McCaughren, ISBN 9780802852625

  • Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Eloise Jarvis McGraw ISBN 9780140319293

  • Hittite Warrior, Joanne Williamson, ISBN 978-1883937386

  • Greek Myths, Olivia Coolidge, ISBN 0618154264

  • Theras and His Town, Caroline Dale Snedeker, ISBN 9780966706796

  • Aeneas, adapted by Emily Frenkel, ISBN 9780862921989

  • Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare ISBN 9781586638474

  • The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare, ISBN 9780395137192

  • White Isle, Caroline Dale Snedeker, ISBN 9780966706734

  • ‘Till We Have Faces, C.S. Lewis, ISBN 9780062565419


  • No book required


  • DK Encyclopedia of Science, ISBN 0756622204


  • No book required